so I just realized I never posted my summer to do list on here, I know it’s in the video I made but I wanted a pic of it on here as well so here it is!
Stay Silent for a day - Check! 👍
Been working on a project for my Summer To Do List and I think it’s gonna be awesome!

I’m not going to post anything about it just yet until I test it out. I wanna see if it’ll actually work before putting it on here. I might try it next weekend if I can.

Celebrate 21st Birthday! - ✔
Build a Sand Castle - ✔
Go on a Road Trip - ✔
Go to a concert - ✔
well it won’t let me upload through here so I’ll upload it onto youtube then embed it onto here!

just finished working on my video for the Summer To Do List!

It’s saving and once it’s saved I’ll post it!!

get a puppy - ✔
Try crawfish - ✔.