Go check out my post on my Day 1 of my 30 day running plan!!!

So I’m going to try and get bad into blogging again. I created this awhile back as a book blog now I’m going to make it pretty much a little bit of everything!

Book reviews, recipes, my weight lost journey (maybe), my everyday life and my life as a Diabetic. Heck I might even do reviews on other things beside books!

She put me as Type 1.5 since I’m still in that honeymoon phase. 

I think I’m going to go to this endo doctor instead of my other one. She was able to explain things to me and made it easier for me to understand it. I felt a lot more comfortable going to her than my first one. 

She was worried about getting a lot of lows and that my A1C was extremely low and didn’t like that I was only on the Lantus with no fast acting insulin. So she lower my dose for the Lantus and put me on a fast acting insulin to take before each meal.

She has me going to an educator to help with carb counting and knowing how much of the fast insulin to give myself before each meal and to help with dieting.

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